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MICRO Hydro Turbine

Micro Hydro Turbine

Micro 300 Series, M300
2" or Larger Pipe Sizes
300 Watt Maximum Output

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Soar Hydropower’s Micro turbine series are designed for power generation in new or existing water networks and can be installed on any two inch or larger pipeline. Installation is simple and systems are plug-and-play.

With minimal site prep requirements they are ideal for both local and off-grid generation. Common applications are installed in parallel with existing control or pressure reducing valves.

Micro Hydropower Generation Systems

Micro Hydro turbines are ideal for running Remote terminal units (RTUs), SCADA systems, monitoring equipment, sump pumps, lighting, blowers, fans, and pressure management devices. Systems can be configured for 12-24VDC, or 120VAC; maximum power output is 300 Watts. Generated power can be used as it is generated and excess is stored through a sophisticated battery charging system. When fully charged, the turbine automatically shuts down to prolong system life.

Site Specific Turbines

There are two versions of the M300 Micro Turbine. The M300-60 is engineered for higher head applications (up to 60 PSI) while the M300-30 is engineered for lower head (up to 30 PSI). Power output for both models depends on site specifics but both share the same 300W maximum potential.

Micro Hydro Controller

Soar’s Micro Hydro Controller pairs seamlessly with the M300 series hydro turbines. With an intuitive interface and twist-lock wiring connections the MHC2500 is ready to manage power generation out of the box.

The controller automatically adapts system voltage from 12-24 Volts and can be configured for 120 Volt applications as well. The MHC2500 is compatible with all turbine generation systems up to 25 Amps and charges an external battery bank that can be used actively or as needed.

Pressure Reducing Valve Generation

Micro hydro turbines are frequently installed in water distribution systems across pressure reducing valves. They can be retrofit to existing Cla-Val valves, Singer valves, or many other common control valves. In these applications the M300 generates enough power to operate equipment such as control valves, communication equipment, or data logging equipment.

Micro Turbine Packages

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