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TKW Hydro Turbine

TKW Hydro Turbine

TKW Series, TKW-XX
6″-30″ Pipe Sizes
30 – 1000 Feet Head
2,000-90,000 GPM Flow Rates

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The TKW Turbine is a modern interpretation of a proven design. Based on a legacy Byron Jackson model, the TKW has been re-thought and re-engineered with using state of the art technology.

Incredibly efficient and versatile, the TKW Turbine ensures maximum power recovery in any application. The turbine is installed into a sub-grade barrel so it is typically suited for new construction but also suits many existing locations.

The TKW Turbine’s vertical layout and below grade installation minimize the footprint for reduced installation costs. Adjustable wicket gates adapt for variable flow rates and francis style runners provide maximum power extraction. The semi axial multi-stage design is ideal for high head and high flow conditions but runner diameter and stage quantities are varied for site-specific requirements suiting the TKW Turbine for a wide range of applications. A unique runner design completely eliminates water hammer by matching operational and runaway speeds for seamless operation in the event of power system failure. Wear rings eliminate runner adjustments simplifying maintenance operations.

Due to SOAR Hydropower’s extensive knowledge of TKW Turbines, we also offer rehabilitation for all Byron Jackson TKW turbines. Replacement parts, adaptations for changed site conditions, and generation or control systems are all well within our capabilities.

Packaged systems are available with all necessary components from generation to power grid connectivity.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA.