GPRV Hydro Turbines

Generating Pressure Reducing Valve (GPRV®) turbines are custom designed systems placed within water networks at key locations. These systems are able to recover energy over system pressure drops reliably and effectively with no negative environmental impacts.


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Hydropower Calculator

Net Head

Net head refers to the difference in pressure across the turbine measured at the inlet and outlet.Net Head: Upstream Pressure - Downstream Pressure

Typical units for measuring head are:
PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) Feet (Elevation in feet from turbine inlet to surface of water) Meters (Elevation in meters from turbine inlet to surface of water) BAR (Metric unit of pressure)


Flow is a measure of the volume of water passing through the turbine per unit of time.

Typical units for measuring flow are:
GPM (Gallons per Minute) MGD (Millions of Gallons per Day) CFS (Cubic Feet per Second) LPS (Cubic Liters per Second) MPS (Cubic Meters per Second)

Electricity Rate

Electricity rates vary by location. The default value is loaded from the average U.S. national resale rate but for accurate estimation local rates should be used.

If you are unsure of your local power rates, state averages can be found on the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) website.

Cents per kw-Hour
Power Output

Estimated continuous output is based on site head and flow conditions. Conditions typically vary throughout the day and year, contact Soar for a detailed analysis to more accurately estimate power output.

A conservative system efficiency of 75% is used to calculate the value shown.

Annual Revenue
Est. US Dollars

Estimated revenue is based on an assumed 24/7-365 power generation. Contact Soar for a more detailed analysis that accounts for specific system performance.

Recommended Turbine

Power generation potential depends on two primary metrics: head and flow. Head is the upstream water pressure while flow is a measure of how much water is passing through the pipe. By entering a local electricity rate, estimated annual revenue can also be calculated.

Not sure of your site conditions? We can help with that. Soar provides complimentary site evaluation studies to determine project specifics.

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Hydro Turbine Selection

Energy recovery systems largely vary by site depending on many conditions. Soar works closely with each customer selecting and developing the ideal solution for each application. Factors such as head, flow, and cost all are considered when selecting the best product for the application. Contact us for free site evaluation and equipment recommendation.

Inline Hydro Turbine

Soar’s Inline Turbines are a series of compact, highly efficient hydro power generation units. These turbines are site specific for maximum efficiency but share a number of common parts for competitive pricing and quick lead times. Designed specifically for conduit power recovery, the ILTs are available for standard pipe sizes from 4 to 24 inches.

4” - 24” Pipe Sizes
25 - 570 Feet Head
100 - 30,000 GPM Flow Rates

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TKW Hydro Turbine

The TKW Turbine is a modern interpretation of a proven design. Based on a legacy Byron Jackson model, the TKW has been re-thought and re-engineered with using state of the art technology. Incredibly efficient and versatile, the TKW Turbine ensures maximum power recovery in any application.

6” - 30” Pipe Sizes
30 - 1000 Feet Head
2,000 - 90,000 GPM Flow Rates

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Pelton Hydro Turbine

Soar’s Pelton series of turbines are ideal for high head applications and maintain efficiency over significant variable flow rate variations. Unlike conventional pelton turbines, discharge pressures are greater than atmosphere so typical applications are tank fill sites where reservoirs are higher in elevation than the turbine.

6” - 30” Pipe Sizes
50 - 3,000 Feet Head
0.5 - 1,800 GPM Flow Rates

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Micro Hydro Turbine

Impressively small, these systems are designed for power generation in existing water networks and can be installed in any pressure reducing vault. Great for both local and remote or off-grid applications, Micro Hydroturbines are ideal for running Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), SCADA systems, or any other elctrically powered equipment

2" or Larger Pipe Sizes
300 Watt Power Output
12/24/120 Volt Configurations

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Other Equipment and Turbines

In addition to our own line of products, Soar supplies a full range of power generation equipment including energy recovery turbines, remote site power generation, and conventional hydraulic turbines. We also provide all necessary generators and control systems to support power recovery operations. This breadth of equipment allows us to design and install systems with water flow as low as 30 GPM (Gallons per Minute) and has high as 100 MGD (Millions of Gallons per Day). Typical pressure drops in our applications vary from 10 feet to 1000 feet. Contact Soar for more information.

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Turbine Control Systems

In addition to supplying hydro turbines and generators, Soar also provides turbine support systems. These control systems are available for both new and pre-existing sites and can be configured to work with any hydro turbine equipment. From basic to highly sophisticated we can design, supply, and install a turbine control system specific to your application. Contact us to learn more about options and pricing information.

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