Recovering Renewable Energy from Water System Operations

Soar Hydropower is your one-stop source for hydro power generation. For over 26 years we have been integrating power generation solutions into water system operations. We are experts in hydroelectric engineering and consulting services, design and development, and site implementation.

Our specialty is recovering energy at water system pressure drops by implementing our GPRV Hydro Turbines. Applications are found in nearly all drinking, irrigation, or waste water transmission lines and power generated with these systems can be used on-site or sold to local utilities for profit.

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Eco-Friendly Conduit Hydropower Generation

Many potential generation sites are found in existing water delivery networks. Common applications are at water supply to transmission locations, tank fill locations, residential zones with elevation changes, and at large businesses. Most existing sites have pressure reducing valves already installed providing much of the needed infrastructure, they simply need the valves replaced with one of Soar's GPRV turbines.

GPRV® Hydro Turbines

GPRV (Generating Pressure Reducing Valve) turbines are custom designed systems placed within water networks at key locations. They recover energy over pressure drops reliably and effectively with no negative environmental impacts.

Applications are found in any site where water is transmitted inside pipe. GPRV Turbines can also be used on any other fluid with the appropriate site conditions.

How GPRV® Hydro Turbines Work

SOAR Hydropower’s GPRV turbines are typically placed in parallel with existing pressure reducing valves in water systems. Water is diverted through the GPRV spinning a runner which generates power simultaneously eliminating pressure.

Our unique turbine design compensates for variable flow conditions through adjustable wicket gate mechanisms maximizing energy recovery over time. The compact size and inline layouts significantly reduce installation costs making the GPRV Hydro Turbines a viable economic choice.

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Site Locations

GPRVs can be installed in any fluid system inside piping from 1 inch to 30 inches in diameter. Control systems can be configured for isolated generation for use on site or connected to local power grids where energy is sold for profit.

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