Net Head: 85ft
Rated Output: 13kW

This turbine generator setup is located within a public water system at the Bennington Water Treatment Plant Headwork’s in the town of Bennington Vermont. The turbine system was installed in parallel to the existing Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV’s) which reduce the high pressure raw water supply into the Town’s Water Treatment Plant. This installation can switch easily between PRV Valve operation and Turbine operation, all automatically. This is an example of a headwork’s hydroelectric turbine installation on a public water system which captures energy that would otherwise be lost in a typical PRV. This hydroelectric turbine creates power that supplies part of the plants electrical needs and helps to offset its utility bills. In addition to furnishing and installing the new hydro turbine assembly, SOAR assisted the town and negotiated the power generation interconnection agreement, with the Central Vermont Public Service Corporation. SOAR assisted with preparation and submittal of the FERC Conduit Exemption application and was successfully approved by FERC.