Hamakua Springs

Net Head: 119ft
Rated Output: 93kW

The Hamakua Springs hydro electric project generates power from pressure reduced water diverted from an existing flume originally used for irrigation. This water is diverted from the existing flume into a reinforced concrete headwork’s structure at an elevation of approximately 860Ft (262m) which was designed by SOAR. The water then flows downhill in a 22in (866mm) HDPE penstock which delivers water to the powerhouse located approximately 4500Ft (1.37km) away at an elevation of approximately 716Ft (218m). The project also consisted of installing 4000Ft (1.2km) of overhead 12kV power lines from the powerhouse to the on site fruit packing plant. The power is net metered at this location and any power not utilized on site is sold to the local power utility. The hydro electric equipment consists of a cross flow turbine, induction generator and electrical controls and protection. This equipment was installed on top of a steel reinforced concrete structure also designed by SOAR. SOAR utilized a steel shipping container for the powerhouse structure to simplify design and installation. SOAR performed hydro electric design work and managed general contractors throughout the project.