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Pump Turbines

Canyon® Pump Turbines

6"-24" Pipe Sizes
50-500 Feet Head
500-9,000 GPM Flow Rates

Pump-as-turbines are simple, robust and cost effective. They can be installed in any water delivery network with excess pressure and are well suited for sites which have a relatively consistent flow rate. Pump turbine packages are available for both on and off-grid applications. Power generated can be used locally or sold to utilities for profit.

Why Canyon® Pump Turbines?

- Outputs from 5 kW to 350 kW
- Highest Efficiencies in the Industry
- Cost Effective and Simple Solutions
- Minimal and Familiar Maintenance

- Avalable as Complete System Packages
- Remote and Local Operation Standard
- Automated Push-Button Controls Available
- Seamless Integration with Water Operations

Proven Experience

We supply more pump turbine systems than anyone. Decades of experience specifying, designing and assembling these systems means we know what it takes to pull together a successful installation.

When you partner with Soar on a pump turbine project you know that our systems will integrate seamlessly within your water network. Water delivery is always prioritized and each particular application is reviewed in detail to ensure we supply the best solution.

Pump Turbines + More

Soar's systems are built to each customer's needs. We can provide all accoutrements needed for smooth installation and worry-free reliable operation.

Typical equipment packages include turbine, generator, drive guards and couplings, structural steel mounting frames, fail-safe inlet valves, inlet and discharge adapting cones, turbine control systems and required interconnection equipment. For off-grid applications we can supply load bank governors and diversion loads.

Our in-house engineering and fabrication facilities allow us to build custom adapting cones and mounting frames so that your pump turbine fits your facility.

Canyon® Pump
Turbine Systems

Numerous models of pump turbines are available and choosing between them depends on many variables. Soar works closely with each customer to understand their site needs and supply the optimal turbine and supporting systems.


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